The expeditions

1. La Curieuse

"La Curieuse" was built in 1989 in Les Sables d'Olonne in France and was conceived as a platform for research missions in Kerguelen archipelago.

Based many years in Reunion, he provided logistical support to programs of scientific research ground with many equipment enabling him to practice research in oceanography.

Now in Mauritius, La Curieuse continues its support for science missions, and is also available to associations, clubs and individuals to organize "à la carte" expeditions:

Tour of Mauritius, Saint Brandon Archipelago, Madagascar, Seychelles, Mozambique Channel, La Curieuse will take you on different expeditions: diving, kitesurfing, island cruises or family or friends fun.

La Curieuse in figures:

Length: 25 m
Width: 7,60 m
Draft: 3.80 m
Tonnage: 350 tons
Propulsion: Diesel
Power: 2x 302 kw
Speed: about 10 knots or 20 km / h

6 crew members including 1 cook
12 passengers (6 double cabins, bunk beds)
2 service boats type zodiac:
- 5.80 meters equipped with 2 engines of 60 hp
- 4.20 equipped with a 20 hp engine

2. Saint Brandon

If you have an idea of paradise on earth, then it definitely looks like Saint Brandon!

Atoll of 280 km2 of coral reefs, 24 h of boat of Mauritius, Saint Brandon is made up of thirty islands which conceal a fauna and a wild flora, rich and preserved.

Do you like kitesurfing? Rocked by the trade winds, the archipelago is the promise of endless wrinkles in clear water, turquoise lagoons, among stingrays and turtles, slaloming between the sandbanks scattered escorted countless seabirds.

Do you like diving? Complete diving equipment is available on board. You will be surrounded by our team of professionals to discover a gigantic natural aquarium where evolve with grace sharks, turtles and a myriad of multicolored fish.

3. Week-end

Discover Mauritius from the sea by embarking on a weekend of exoticism on board.

From Plate Island to Morne, from Grand Gaube to Blue Bay Marine Park, you will choose your destination according to your desires: walks on the islands, diving, water ski or siesta in front of the boat.

Everyone will be able to go about their activities all day to get together at sunset over a drink and a barbecue.


La Curieuse was designed to provide support for scientific operations in the southernmost islands of the Indian Ocean, notably in the Kerguelen Islands, but also in the scattered islands around Madagascar and the Mozambique Channel.

Today La Curieuse still participates in missions for the French Southern and Antarctic Territories and supports Ifremer during the southern summer.

The main activities are: coastal hydrography, marine biology (ichthyology, plankton, krill, benthos ...), physical oceanography (temperature, salinity etc.), support for terrestrial scientific operations (transport of equipment and personnel , Maintenance of permanent "observatory" stations of the type climatological stations), support to logistic operations on land (refueling and refugia maintenance), geology (dredging, coring), assistance to diving capacities.